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Mr. Manu had maintained a fantasy that I was reluctant to do it, I always say to him tomorrow. [ I needed time to gain confidence ]. One day I decided tomorrow postyourgirls was here. I announced that I wanted to be alone dogging and want to meet some guys. answers later, I took a couple of guys. I took my time preparing. My stomach was full of butterflies and I was very excited. I asked postyourgirls for details of the types of cars, when want to get up next to them. sexy lingered Using [including ups hold] and only a long coat, boots, I headed to the parking by arrangement. Trembling with postyourgirls emotion and feeling slutty I moved next door I expected the car was one of my meets. out of the car and approached the car. I asked the man if it was M, luckily he was. There was another car parked nearby P asked me if I said no, M decided to play with in your car. We sat in the passenger seat and held the light, so you could see the other. I called Mr. Manu and left the telephone, so I heard. I could not stop before that point directly to the. Take my coat and sits in just my underwear and attacks, I put my hand on his thigh M and blamed his cock was hard. I helped him slide down his pants and just had his cock in my mouth. After flicking her tongue around the postyourgirls end of his dick sucked and licked me until he asked me to pass and give me a break while playing. I was already wet when his fingers found my clit and teased her. He pushed his finger into my vagina and strong and fast, the way I like it, nibbling my nipples as he did. I wanted to come and relax, but stopped because his car did not want wet. [ I have known in spurts ]. After a postyourgirls few minutes I had to touch his cock again. This time I licked sucked and stroked until he sprayed his cum in my mouth. Just to finish it completely, I rubbed the tip of the tail, which was very sensitive, making it writhe in pleasure. I N now neEDED shit. I told Mr. Manu, wherever he went and drove to another parking lot. still wet between my legs and I felt very fresh in my light and brushed my hair. Since about 5 cars, I thought one of them will come. I turned off the lights and began to stroke my pussy. I noticed a man in the window and opened the door. The man said he regretted that bother me, and would go if I wanted, of course, I said I wanted something fun and who cares if he wins. He immediately got his dick to stroke. Light and gentle at first, with my fingers and then with my lips and tongue. He began to touch me, I left the car and took off his coat. Soon I had with her bubbly Experting fingering, play my G spot was. Meanwhile, there was a group of people standing around masturbating and see. Still had condemned so I postyourgirls asked if he had a condom. He did! So I leaned over and sucked one of the other kids, while he pushed his cock deep into my vagina wonderful. I felt several hands around my pussy and breasts. I told him to hit me in the ass while I fucked hard.. He groaned as he came deep inside me and I was with a clitoris that struck the left. We thanked each other and got into my car and house postyourgirls to have a great time with Mr. Su. P s, when the children returned to their cars chatting about what had happened, one of them said that 'she is not brave to come on your own dogging '. Mr. Manu, who was one of postyourgirls the guys there said, 'not of their own, she is my wife!' They thought it was a brilliant idea and had a great time. So if Mr. Manu and me!
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